Regis J. „Bud“ Bates has more than 40 years of experience in Telecommunications and Information Services and has long been considered a technology „Guru.“ He currently contributes to these fields as an author, consultant, expert witness, speaker, course developer and teacher.

As an Author, Bud has written numerous books on the technologies, many of which have been „best sellers“ for McGraw-Hill. His „Voice and Data Communications Handbook“ led McGraw-Hill’s sales for three consecutive years. See our Books page for a complete list of titles written by Bud, which can be purchased from your local bookstore, the publisher or www.Amazon.com.
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As a Consultant, with clients spanning the range of Fortune 100-500 companies, Bud has been involved in the design of major voice and data networks. His innovative ideas in implementation have been written up in trade journals and magazines. Many of his projects deal with multiple sites and countries using Frame Relay and ATM architectures. A significant amount of Bud’s work has been in the wireless communications area. In his work with venture capitalists, he has consistently been on the mark with his projections for various analyses and studies.
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As a Speaker, Bud Bates is known for his dynamic keynote speaking. With a style that is power-packed and a delivery that is exciting, he knows how to captivate, engage and motivate youraudience. Bud motivates your sales force, your customers, your management team, and even capital investors trying to figure out where the technology is heading for the future and where to invest.
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As a Teacher, Bud also develops and conducts various public and in-house seminars ranging from a managerial overview to very technical hands-on classes on Voice over IP, WiFi Networking, WIMAX networking, DWDM and IPv6.  In the recent past he has focused much of his development and training activities on the convergence of three key areas;
Security and

Our consultants have real life hands-on experience designing and implementing systems, conducting the proof of concept, and creating the optimal solution.

We don’t just understand the technology, we write the books about it! All this aids us to teach the topic from a viewpoint that emphasizes the salient and critical points. We use our learning experiences and add analogies and humor to ensure you understand what you need to know.


Paris, France, June 8, 2011 – Valeo’s Combined Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Pascal Colombani, Chairman of Valeo. The shareholders approved the 2010 financial statements, which were published on February 24, 2011.

The terms of office of Directors Jacques Aschenbroich, Gérard Blanc, Pascal Colombani, Michel de Fabiani, Michael Jay, Helle Kristoffersen and Georges Pauget were renewed, and the cooptation of Ulrike Steinhorst as Director was ratified. Thierry Moulonguet was appointed as a new Director. Most of Mr. Moulonguet’s career was spent within the Renault Group, which he left on March 31, 2011.


Industrial Land

JTC is SIngapore’s leading provider of industrial space solutions. A key architect in shaping the industrial landscape and supporting the growth of the manufacturing sector in Singapore since 1968, we have under our management a stock of some 6800 hectares of industrial land. We have become a household name and key partner in industrial space solutions to some 6,000 local and foreign customers.

JTC offers a wide range of choice industrial sites to suit the diverse needs of our customers. These sites come fully prepared and serviced with basic infrastructure like power, electricity and roads for companies to start their construction and operations quickly. A range of locations are available for industrialists to choose from and the sites come with a variety of tenure options. With the wide variety of choices available, customers are now better able to respond to their land needs to facilitate their businesses.

Корейски производители

Ние внасяме директно от Корея авто части оригинални, неоригинални и рециклирани, от бързообортни до комплект двигатели и скоростни кутии и тн.